With Forewords by
Dr. Manon Gurley &
Dr. Gary Wood


Ruth Joy Capozzi is a preacher's kid (PK) who has survived an abusive relationship. She has traveled the road to healing and restoration by continually grasping God's outstretched hand of help. She is happily married to Pastor Alfred Capozzi, and is the executive director of a pregnancy resource center. Ministering to hurting women is her passion. She loves God's Word and loves to teach it! Ruth and Alfred reside in northeastern Pennsylvania with their golden retriever, Daisy, who is spoiled perfect.


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"After seven and a half years of varying degrees of abuse, (you know the cycle), sometimes you think Iím the crazy one. This is my entire fault, if I would only do this or that differently my life would not be like this. Here are some typical components to ongoing abuse: manipulation, mind control, bullying, belittling, separation from family and friends, guilt, blame, etc. Itís a cycle; something you do causes your abuser to react in a way that is totallyirrational. You respond, and then itís your entire fault. You just donít understand. No one understands him or her. It will not happen again, as long as you donít tell anyone, or do whatever you did again, etc. I know when I read this paragraph it sounds nuts Ė but when I remember living in the abuse it was powerful. I felt like I was stuck in a spiderís web and every time I got close to getting near the edge and breaking free, the manipulation would set in and Iíd be sucked back into that web deeper."




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