Abuse Test

    Does your spouse:

    Verbal Abuse

      *crticize you?
      *call you names?
      *give you silent treatment for long periods of time?
      *belittle and make fun of you?  


    Spousal Abuse

      *get jealous easily?
      *disregard your thoughts and feelings?
      *prevent you from going to work or school?
      *control your finances?


    Emotional Abuse

      *prevent you from seeing your family and friends?
      *pressure you for sex?


    Physical Abuse

      *hit, kick, push or choke you?
      *threaten to hurt or kill you or your loved ones?
      *scare you in any way?


    Answered yes to several questions? Make a safety plan, tell your closest friends. Read With Tender Hand to help get yourself moving forward. Contact us

    Help is a phone call away - 1-800-799-7233. This National Hot Line number will give you the number of a local resource near you.



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